For those of you unaware, the greatest TV show ever was called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 
In the episode titled "The One Where Ross Finds Out", Chandler enlists Monica to help him lose a few lbs. 
As it happens, she makes him do a lot of the things that I want people to do. In the main, be more active. 
She trains him at home. 
Great idea. 
And she takes on her role as his Personal Trainer with energy and enthusiasm, even when it is slightly lacking from him. 
It's sometimes hard to find motivation. 
It might be raining and windy when you should go for a run. 
The car park at the gym might be full by the time you get there, meaning you are going to struggle to do the workout you planned. 
You might have had a hard day at work and just want to relax. 
Your goals may seem forever away. 
In one scene, Chandler is spent, he has no more energy and is just about to give up. Monica wants 5 more Sit Ups. 
“5 more” 
“5 more” 
“5 more and I will flash you!” 
It doesn’t matter if you need a carrot in front of you or a stick behind you. 
Put a £ in a jar for every lb you lose. 
Promise yourself a shopping trip when you get to your goal. 
Go and do an activity you were always scared to do because of being self conscious. 
Do it because you want your kids to look up to you. 
Go out on a guilt free evening of drinking and partying. 
Anything you want. 
And if you’re still struggling. 
I’ll give you a peak down my black Nike sports bra. 
Speak soon. 
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