At Primary School, when I was 5, we did an experiment. 
There was a small block of wood, a balloon and a feather. 
We were learning about weight of objects. 
Everyone in the class had to predict the order in which the objects would fall to the floor. 
There were maybe 25 kids in my class. 
24 went with the order. 
Wood, Balloon, Feather. 
And even though the teacher tried to helpfully question me, possibly unsure as to how I would react: I stuck wilfully with: 
Wood, Feather, Balloon. 
I was wrong. 
Later in my Primary Schooling, I was maybe 8 or 9 by this point, we had a class trip to a practical learning type facility. 
At the end of one of the exercises, the group leader asked us to put our objects back in the yellow bucket on our way out. 
There was a green bucket by the door. 
Everyone in the class filed out and put the objects in the bucket by the door. 
I turned and put whatever I had been using in the yellow bucket at the back of the room. 
As I walked out of the door, the lady stopped and said: 
“Well Done, you’re the only one today who’s done that right” 
A lot of the time, following the crowd will get you where you need to be. 
If you’re going to forge your own path, however, don’t be worried if sometimes you get it wrong. 
Being right all the time must be dull anyway. Getting things wrong and learning. That’s where the growth comes from. 
And listen carefully: those who have the best lessons to teach, often speak more softly and let you know the answers for yourselves. 
Speak soon. 
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