I’ve been training with Andy now for almost 11 years. Even when I was convinced it wasn’t for me in the beginning when my husband bought me 10 sessions as a gift. 
As an avid gym go-er I really didn’t think it was for me but needless to say, within about 5 sessions I gave up my gym membership! 
Now, 11 years on, Andy has successfully adapted my training due to a Scoliosis and Arthritis diagnosis but throughout these challenges, my tone and fitness levels are still improving. 
Even on days when I was struggling with my mental attitude towards training, guess what, Andy fixed that too. 
I would highly recommend Andy to anyone requiring any levels of fitness goals as he really listens to what you need. 
Rachel – Elvington 
Brilliant workouts; customised to me. 
After having my baby, I wanted to lose the baby weight and get fitter. I am so happy with the results achieved after only 3 months. 
Andy was very friendly, easy to get on with and motivated me to be focused with my diet and to stay active in addition to my weekly workouts. 
Covid rules did not prevent any training. I did a mixture of bodyweight exercises and weights. 
Andy was very professional throughout. 
I thoroughly enjoyed the training and would highly recommend Andy to anyone. 
Eleanor – Acomb 
I have been using Andy during lockdown as a remote Personal Trainer via Zoom and I have thoroughly enjoyed his sessions. 
He always manages to make the sessions fun and different every time despite the lack of equipment and not actually being there in person. 
He is very good at gauging how fit you are and tailoring the sessions to suit you, which has helped me become a lot fitter. 
We always have a great laugh whilst working very hard and I would highly recommend him to anyone else. 
Matt – Newcastle 
I decided I needed to get healthier and start to build some exercise into my life, but I didn’t know how to get going. 
I approached Andy and he helped me understand what I was wanting to achieve and more importantly how I was going to do it. 
Andy helped me to set goals, keep on track and be focused by noting what energy I was consuming and expending each day. 
He worked with me to incorporate some basic exercise into my routine and he has been supportive and encouraging. 
My experience of exercising was very limited and I didn’t want to go to classes, so, having Andy help me learn some simple exercises really helped me gain more confidence and understanding of what I should be doing. 
My results during the time with Andy were excellent and my experience has really helped me get started. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone because he is very likeable and easy to work with but also because he can clearly adapt easily to different capabilities and client needs. 
Jenny – Barlby 
Andy has just helped me on my mission to “Shed it to Wed it”. 
With personal workouts and endless motivation, I have lost 1 and a half stone in 2 months. 
He has a calm, confident manner, which combined with his enthusiasm has helped to keep me on track and reach my goal. 
The difference I feel in both size and fitness is astonishing. 
Thank you Andy. 
Vanessa – Woodthorpe 
Having had a major lay off from work and any physical activity due to a degenerative disc disorder; I was unsure as to whether I would be able to train again to any level. After a meeting with Andy, he developed a plan for me focusing primarily on my flexibility and the alleviation of my back pain. 
We have been working together for a few months now and I feel better both with my back pain, flexibility and my general shape and posture. 
He is very patient and listens to all my concerns to adapt the sessions accordingly. His attention to detail makes me confident in each exercise and his friendly attitude makes even difficult sessions, enjoyable. I am extremely happy with the progress I have made so far. 
Highly recommended. 
Chris – South Bank 
When it comes to getting back into shape, I needed someone who is practical, down to earth, tuned into why I am doing it and focused on helping me achieve my goals and develop a programme that is sustainable. Andy’s approach hits all those targets. I am glad to have met him and feel certain he will help me achieve my goals. He is excellent in understanding my needs, being on time, communicating, checking on me and my diet and encouraging me to succeed. 
He mixes things up while still listening to what you are trying to achieve, pays attention and remembers where we’ve been and where we're going. This isn’t a one size fits all workout plan - but customised to my individual goals. Never boring, always challenging. It’s fun, he’s super nice and is very passionate about what he does. 
In 10 months I have noticed considerable improvement in my core strength, flexibility, my well being and certainly in my confidence. He is very professional, reliable, attentive to what makes sense for me given that I am out of shape and haven’t worked out in a number of years and in creating an encouraging environment. 
I’m now so much stronger with his help, Andy has made me more motivated because I now believe that losing weight and being stronger and healthier is possible! 
I would highly recommend him. This has been a five star experience so far. 
Amanda – Linton 
I started working with Andy 6 months ago and he has made me look forward and enjoy my gym training sessions once again. I have always trained but had become very bored and repetitive with the training sessions I was undertaking on my own. 
Andy came in with an infectious enthusiasm and confidence that he knew his stuff. 
He has never run the same training session, so is still surprising me. He is a very good listener, talking me through my short and long term goals. 
I had put on weight after numerous injuries, he has kept me focused and motivated to achieve all my goals and continues to do so. I have seen really positive results, taking before and nearly achieving my target photos was a revelation! 
Every session is enjoyable working on body conditioning as well as aerobic fitness, but also never lets me take my eye off the ball when it comes to nutrition. 
I would highly recommend Andy as a PT, he is great and never fails to impress. 
Sally – Hillam 
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